School Marketing

‘Be Your Own Benchmark’

Our customised marketing strategy process comprises a comprehensive report that covers your schools situational analysis and market position. We frame your USP’s in a way that communicates your core values, differentiates you from your competition, and makes it memorable to both internal and external audiences.

Our Market Plan Deliverables include:

  • Insights, Goals & Measurement
  • Detailed Admissions Analysis & Conversion Review
  • Budget and Resource Planning
  • Identifying Customers and Market Segmentation
  • Lead Generation Strategy – Inbound/ Outbound
  • Implementation Annual Marketing Plan
  • Media Planning – Digital | Traditional | OOH
  • Audits & Surveys (Marketing Communications Audit | Brand Audit | Parent Satisfaction Survey | Student Happiness Survey | School Climate Survey | Teacher Satisfaction Survey | External Brand Perception Survey | Net Promoter Score)

Our goal is to streamline and manage processes for you, maximize creativity, and manage production time, cost-effectiveness and workflow. We Don’t Predict Your Future, We Help You Niche It Out For Yourself!


‘Enrollment Is More Than A Buzzword; It Is An Essential Element Of The Culture Of Schools’

We believe that ENROLLMENT is an inclusive term encompassing the following areas of school life: recruitment, retention, marketing, communications and research/strategy. We help evaluate, analyze and then elevate a school’s position to drive in enrollments.

We will help get in the right admissions through the following:

  • Enrollment Research & Demographic Study
  • Admissions Goal Setting
  • Competitive Analysis / Image Report
  • Lead Generation & Conversions
  • Inbound Marketing (Parent | Student | Teacher Engagement Strategies)
  • Outbound Enrollment Marketing
  • Budget and Resources
  • Enquiry Pipeline Management
  • Enrollment Training and Monitoring

Schools are built on a culture of planning and strategy. We guide you towards discovering and implementing proper and personal enrollment management strategies. In short we Make Your School Story Relevant And Memorable!

Branding & Communication

‘A Good Brand Should Never Stop Learning’

A K-12 day school, a higher education institution or an ed-tech startup - the above statement goes to the heart of why continuous learning is essential to the success of any institution and why it must be the driver of strategy & goals.

Telling a good Brand Story is what we achieve via:

  • Logo Design
  • Website Design, Content & Communication
  • Digital & Traditional Media Campaigns
  • Merchandise
  • Copywriting
  • Brochures, Press Releases, Training Materials & more
  • Video Production
  • Offline Communications- Print | Newsletters | Outdoor Media

Painting a comprehensive picture of what is happening in the school and its perception to the outside world is essential for planning appropriate growth strategies. Brand Is The Voice, Communication Is The Medium!


Digital Marketing

‘What You Do Is As Important As Why & How You Do’

We unravel market insights to build a unique Digital Marketing Strategy and create digital solutions to help ease over the competition. We help institutions garner interest and enrollment numbers that exceed expectations.

Our Digital Marketing Capabilities -

  • Digital Advertising & Media Campaigns
  • Email Marketing
  • SEM & SEO Marketing Planning
  • Online-To-Offline Enrollments
  • Google Analytics
  • Social media content strategies
  • Social media paid advertising
  • Performance Marketing Campaigns
  • Direct Response Social Campaigns
  • Video campaigns
  • Landing pages for digital campaigns

We deliver digital strategies and ensure you are seen where mums are hanging out – on the internet. Our experience in the education industry helps us identify marketing processes & develop actionable strategies for growth and maximizing potential. We Accompany You On A Journey On How To BE Digital, Not To DO Digital!

Social Media

‘Your Brand’s Story Needs To Be Told Loud & Proud’

Beginning with thorough strategizing, we plan out dynamic content calendars to realise growth goals. We analyze, interpret and present data to structure Content Marketing Plan, Social Media Strategy, and School Website.

Our Strategy Services include:

  • Managing Social Media Pages- Facebook, Instagram & Twitter
  • Social Media Platforms- Youtube & Linkedin
  • Blogs, Infographics, Newsletters, Emailers
  • Creatives and posts for Social Media
  • Social Media Strategy & Content Creation
  • Social Media Paid Marketing Campaigns
  • Best Practice Conversion Tools
  • Managing Systems Set Up
  • Your Own Digital Dashboard
  • Budget Advice

Online presence is how a school communicates and interacts on digital venues. To set yourself apart from the crowd and be future ready, social media platforms are what you need. It's The Sure Shot Way Of Going Global, While Staying Local!