Case Study

A small district school with a big story to tell.

The COVID-19 pandemic is by far the greatest challenge that this school has faced in recent years and closing the digital divide became the need of the hour. The lockdown necessitated alterations in ways to impart school education to every student despite the geographical & digital constraints. We have worked, reworked and innovated with them, to cross the bridge, when they got there!

Long story short.

We were approached in 2019 by Shemford Futuristic School Burdwan to build their growth strategy and enrollment roadmap. The school is established in Burdwan, a small town in West Bengal with a vision to provide quality education to children and empower them to embrace lifelong learning. To help them appeal to the target audience, we lead them to a core idea built around the concept of ‘Embracing’!

EMBRACE new questions and innovate better answers. EMBRACE a world that demands a new kind of learning. EMBRACE your strengths and weaknesses, alike.


Established in 2016 and an ardent supporter of this vision, Shemford Futuristic School Burdwan seeks to bring this balance in the way they teach, educate and create lifelong learners with a global outlook. Their aim is to inspire excellence, cultivate character and uphold the traditions on which the institution was built, to ensure high quality learning experiences. But their aim needed an action plan!

The Plot.

Everything a school does is under close scrutiny of parents and the community...

...and hence, what they say as a School MATTERS.

While keeping the
child at the CENTER
of what they communicate!

Enter The Protagonist- Rite Angles.

We worked shoulder to shoulder with Shemford as their strategy and communication partner, to devise a School Marketing Plan with the following capabilities -

  • Phase 1 - Identifying Market Opportunities
    With sustainable growth and profitability as strategic imperatives, we helped provide an aggregated overview of markets, market demand, and the competitive landscape. This helped reveal opportunities and connections, which acted as an essential step in establishing and strengthening Shemford’s brand.
  • Phase 2 - Defining Winning Strategies
    We helped Shemford transform unique insights into actionable, tactical initiatives that are in line with their goals and objectives. We accomplished this by conducting a deep-dive market assessment, using powerful analytics coupled with our expertise in the education industry.
  • Phase 3 - Evaluating Key Areas For Potential Growth
    We assessed opportunities for the school, aiming to increase their offerings via expansion into adjacent education sub sectors such as education technology while also strengthening their digital footprint.
  • Phase 4 - Creating Value From The Ecosystem
    Our dynamic approach and all work effort is then focussed towards designing initiatives & implementing the strategy roadmap to create value for Shemford Burdwan and help them scale greater heights.

Our Script.

  • Business Insights, Goals & Measurement
  • Detailed Sales Analysis, Sales Conversion Review
  • Budget and Resource Planning
  • Parent Satisfaction Review
  • Marketing Communications Audit
  • Identifying Audience and Market Segmentation
  • Lead Generation Strategy – Inbound/ Outbound
  • Media Planning – Digital | Traditional | OOH
  • Social Media Strategy & Implementation
  • Implementation Annual Marketing Plan
  • Audits & Surveys

The Twist.

But then - just like that it was time to deviate from the script.

COVID-19 was a turning point which called for a pivot in strategy

And so we did.
We improvised, adapted &

‘The Turning Point’ - Digital Transformation.

A ‘School At Home’ concept was introduced whereby virtual classrooms were created for students via Zoom and the new session commenced online on 6th April 2020. The four pillars on which it was made possible and successful were - Enable, Communicate, Engage and Review. To ensure a smooth transition from classrooms to virtual classrooms, our scope of work diversified accordingly:

  • Technology Enablement
  • Technology Training
  • Digital Learning Modules - Development & Implementation
  • Digital & Virtual Co-Curricular Activity & Event Strategy
  • Feedback System and Implementation

Additionally, communication and engagement played key roles to keep the students and parents in sync with the latest at Shemford. In line with this, and in addition to academics, we initiated health and performing arts programs virtually as well.

And the award goes to..

The school grew and we grew with them. Like a proud parent, we display their achievements even in the face of adverse pandemic times

Shemford Burdwan was ranked #1 Day School in Burdwan, West Bengal by Education World in the 2020-21 rankings.

Shemford Burdwan has successfully been affiliated with CBSE upto Class 10 in 2020-21!

A Big Shout Out To Each And Every School Team Player Who Has Been On This Incredible Journey With Us. To Each And Everyone Of You We Say This- Thanks To You, We Grew Too!